Where To Eat In Paris

In my days before motherhood (seems like an age ago now!) I loved to travel, especially in Europe. Paris was definitely my all-time favourite destination; the shopping, art and culture can’t be matched by any other city. Those things aside, the most important aspect of any trip to Paris is definitely the food. Us Americans simply can’t compete with the French when it comes cuisine, so no trip to Paris would be complete without a thorough tour of the best restaurants in the city.



Bistro dining is the foundation of Parisian food culture, and this lesser-known but always reliable and relaxed restaurant is a great example of the tradition. The food is always fresh and the desserts are a particular favourite of mine.


Bistrot du Peintre

For atmosphere and art-nouveau design, nowhere is more picturesque than this restaurant, set in a listed building that dates from 1902. The creative menu is varied and relatively inexpensive for such a grand setting.


Le Jules Verne

If you’re planning on taking the compulsory trip up the Eiffel Tower, stop 400ft along to visit this stunning restaurant with views you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The food takes a modern look at classic French dishes, and although it’s certainly pricy, you’ll get an experience to remember for years to come.


Breizh Café

If you’re travelling to France hoping to eat plenty of crepes, then this upmarket creperie is the place to go to for some very special pancakes. Savoury or sweet, there’s a huge range to choose from with plenty of original combinations, all filled with fresh, high-quality ingredients.


La Cagouille

For the best, most reasonably priced seafood in Paris, visit this restaurant, where the simple but beautifully cooked menu will thrill even the most jaded fish-lovers. The terrace provides a lovely atmosphere for al fresco dining in the summer. The service is always great, too.

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  1. Hubby and I ate at Le Jules Verne on our last trip to Paris, was sooo romantic but very expensive so make sure you budget for it when planning the vacation!

    Amy Stevens / Reply
  2. Thanks for the article. I went to Paris as a teenager on a language exchange but I’ve never got back since. Saving up now for a family vacation there so the kids can see the sights, so I’m going to bookmark this page!

    Carol Holden / Reply
  3. I ate at Le Jules Verne on my last trip to Paris with the hubby- was soo romantic! Definitely very expensive though so one to budget for when you’re planning your vacation..

    Amy Stevens / Reply

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