What to Do in Amsterdam: For Parents and Kids

Amsterdam is world famous, but while some people say it’s for the canals and beautiful views, many others go there for things that aren’t suitable for families. You shouldn’t worry though, as it’s so simple to have a great family break here – you won’t even know that any of that other stuff goes on! It’s a very simple city to get around, either on foot, by boat, train, or on a bike – take your pick. If you’re taking your kids with you this year, here are some kid friendly activities they’ll like:

Nine Streets

If you want to do a bit of shopping, there are nine little streets full of exciting shops and boutiques. You’ll find fashion, art, design, and even a shop dedicated solely to toothbrushes. Go somewhere called ‘Pancakes’ for a great, child friendly place to have lunch and munch through stacks of pancakes.

Go on a Boat Tour

The most amazing way you can enjoy the beautiful views of the canals in Amsterdam is to go on a boat tour. You can view the gorgeous canal houses from the tranquil water and your kids won’t get tired from walking everywhere. On the tour you’ll learn background information from the guides – there’s also a toilet on board, so don’t worry about your kids having any accidents.

Museums of Famous Dutch Painters

Why not teach your kids a bit about the famous dutch painters? The Van Gogh Museum is modern and not too ‘heavy’ for kids to enjoy. It’s very colourful too, which is always a bonus! The Rembrandt House from the 17th century is also interesting, and audio tours for the kids are available.

Rent a Bakfiet

One brilliant way to make your way around Amsterdam is on a bakfiet. You can rent these in loads of places all around the city, and your kids will absolutely love traveling in this way. Bike lanes are everywhere, and the cars are used to this mode of transport so you don’t need to worry about safety much.


This place is the most famous park in all of Amsterdam, and it has a lot to offer little kids. There’s a playground, and a terrace to relax on during summer time. There’s something called a Kinderkookcafe there, which allows children to cook themselves small dishes while parents have a cup of coffee. There’s even a paddling pool! Definitely worth a walk around.

Java/KNSM Island

If your kids have any interest in architecture, Java/KNSM island will make for an interesting visit. You’ll be able to see the famous modern dutch architecture and city planning for yourself! You’ll see big apartment buildings in interesting shapes, and there are even great kids shops on the highstreet. If you like this area you should be able to find a place to stay on Venere.com!

Anne Frank House

This place is probably best for kids over the age of 10, but it’s very educational. It’s the secret place Anne and her family were hiding when she wrote her famous diary!

There’s plenty more to do in Amsterdam for parents and kids – you’ll love learning all about it’s culture and history!

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