Understanding your Child’s Growth Milestones

Children grow up incredibly quickly and before we know it, they’re already teens and adults. Even though having a baby is often a very stressful and time-consuming experience, it’s not long before your baby is a toddler on the move and then a child who’s off to school every single day. Understanding the developmental benchmarks for your baby and toddler will help you to know that your child is developing well and is growing in the manner that they should. For example, babies will normally start holding their heads up on their own around four months old, but they may not be able to sit up on their own without falling over until they are six to seven months old.

Development websites and books can help you to learn about the different benchmarks and milestones that you should be looking out for when it concerns both your baby and then toddler. You can and should also speak to your child’s doctor about what to be looking out for in the growth of the baby to ensure that they are developing in the manner that they should. While all babies will develop at different times, there are going to be instances when not developing could mean a problem. For instance, a baby who shows no interest in anything despite the fact that they are over six months old could be a sign that there is something wrong neurologically and that should be checked by a doctor.

Keeping up with the developmental benchmarks for your baby and toddler will help you to also bond with your baby and to never miss any moments. Because kids grow up very fast, it is vital that you never miss a thing. Even something as simple as your baby finding their feet and toes for the first time is something to celebrate because it means they are continuing to develop and grow. Speak with your child’s doctor if you have any questions or concerns about the development of your baby and how they are doing on a daily basis while they happen to be at home with you.

This article is from Paige Johnson, mother of two human children and two Labradoodles, Pepper and Mia. You can find more of her work at essaypro.com.

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