Traveling With Children

There’s no doubt about it: traveling with small children can be a complete nightmare. Traveling anywhere with a toddler was hard enough for our family, but when you add a baby into the mix, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. It’s been a trial and error process for us, but we’ve come up with a few important tips for making traveling with children just a little bit more bearable.


Stay Away From The Red-Eye

Overnight flights are hard enough without adding to the exhaustion by throwing a screaming baby into the mix. Try to schedule flights in the daytime so that if your little ones do get noisy you’re not taking away from everyone’s sleeping time.


Bring Distractions

Anything that can distract your child from an imminent tantrum will be invaluable to you on your travels. Bring along plenty of snacks to keep everyone’s tummies full and all the toys and books that you can stuff in your carry-on. This may be a time when bribery is justified, so whip out a shiny new toy or favourite treat when it looks like tears are on the horizon.


Pack Plenty of Clothing Changes

You never know what’s going to get spilled on a long car ride or who’s going to vomit on the airplane, so bring lots of outfits for everyone (yourself included) to cover all eventualities. Make sure all the clothing is comfortable, too.


Bring Some Technology

My iPad was a real lifesaver when it came to our last road trip with Jackson. Music, toddler apps and games were a great distraction and kept him amused for hours before the boredom set in.


Prepare Yourselves

Before you set off on a big journey with your kids, make sure you prepare them by clearly explaining what’s going on, and how you expect them to behave. You can also use the time to get them excited about the trip so that their mood is as chirpy as possible before you set off. If they’re old enough to grasp it, make sure your child understands that other people are trying to rest on the plane and that everyone needs to be as quiet as possible. Once again, don’t be afraid to bribe if necessary.

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  1. I try not to let the kids play with technology too much but when traveling it really is the only way to keep the peace. Also you can get mini versions of board games which they like to play, like travel-sized chess and such, so I recommend them, so you can always attempt them before turning the phones and ipads over.

    Rebecca Smart / Reply
  2. Frequent stops are a must, but obviously not possible if it’s a train, bus or plane journey. We’ve had to go on a couple flights with our kids, and I agree that the ipad is a lifesaver. And lots and lots of snacks!

    Jessica Aiken / Reply
  3. Distractions are always the best way to keep things calm on long trips with kids. My husband and I also always plan lots of stops if we’re going on a long car ride with the kids so that they can stretch their legs and dont get too restless.

    Marissa Jenkins / Reply

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