Top Travel Destinations For Art Lovers

Do you travel for the cultural insights, perhaps the chance to discover a gallery as gorgeous as the works it contains? Head to these capital cities for a trip to tingle your artistic pleasures. Pack your bags, surf the net for sites like Luggage Direct to secure your documents and get ready to immerse your sense in a palette of discovery…

New York City

While strolling down Fifth Avenue you will find the MET—Metropolitan Museum of Art—home to international pieces by the millions. A major component of this hub of cultural activity is local, American art—about 4,000 pieces by artists such as Whistler, Remington and Cassat have found their rightful place on the museum walls. Also on Fifth is The Guggenheim Museum, best recognised for its architecturally curved design, thanks to Frank Lloyd Wright. Mostly 20th Century art is housed by The Guggenheim; both are a must-do for visitors, no matter their artistic inclinations.


London is a mecca for cultural attractions—The Eye of London, Big Ben, Royal Albert Hall—however the key to the heart of the art lover will be found in the many galleries around town. Trafalgar Square is where you will find the National Gallery, with paintings that date back to the 12th Century. You will also find the National Portrait Gallery, hosting some 10,000 images of the remarkable figures in many forms, illustrating the history and culture of Britain. The Tate, astonishingly different with its modern approach to displaying art, mirrors the modern art it hosts, leaving you with a greater insight of the scope and extent of artistic endeavours in Britain.


Wander through the streets of Paris, France, taking in the sights of prestigious landmarks, the delicacies galore, a picturesque holiday for any art aficionado. This stylish city is home to one of the world’s most revered galleries, the Louvre, which contains some 6,000 European masterpieces alongside the renowned Mona Lisa, all painting a picture of human creativity through the ages. You can visit a renovated railway station for the striking Musée d’Orsay collection, or the Pompidou Centre for the best of modern art. Don your baret, and refuel with pastries between gallery wandering.


Italy’s capital may seem like a work of art as you wander through the ancient architecture and survey the lights glistening over the river ways at night, however the best pieces are saved for the famous art galleries. The single greatest collection of Italian and Florentine art is housed in the Uffizi Gallery, while Michelangelo’s David stands tall at Galleria dell’Accademia, and some of the most stunning of Renaissance art is found at Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti.


Some might argue that, to the Spaniards, their most prized art is soccer. For those who know better, you will be glad you visited Madrid. Besides the stunning displays of the Metropolis Buildings, Madrid is esteemed for their classic artisans. Spain’s most famous gallery, The Prado, plays host to over 7,000 pieces completed by some of the greatest talents of the country, such as Goya, El Greco and Velazquez. Head along to the Thyssen-Bornemisza for names you might recognise, including Caravaggio and Titian.

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