The Ultimate Travel Kit For Your Business Trip

Business travel is a fairly common occurrence in this day and age, from the fly-in, fly-out jobs to the large companies with multiple office locations. And although the idea of travelling for business seems like fun in hindsight, it can actually be fairly stressful. So to help ease some of the burden, have a look at the below ideas that could help form your ultimate travel kit.

Size Matters

When it comes to your luggage, the smaller it is the better. If you’re travelling for business, the last thing you want to be doing is standing in long queues to either drop off or pick up your bags. By having a wander around luggage stores such as Bags to Go, you’ll find a range of choices that match the correct sizing for carry-on suitcases. Also, try selecting one that is fairly light, as this will factor in to your weight limit. And as a final note, chose luggage that has plenty of compartments, so you’re not pulling out the entire contents to find something.

Document Storage

If you’re travelling for work, then you’re most likely going to have plenty of documents to take with you. Although it might sound time consuming, copying all your material will actually make your trip less stressful, as you will have a back-up of everything for your trip. Purchase a document wallet and keep this in the suitcase at all times. Try to find one that has a few zip pockets too so you can include a USB stick and even a spare credit card in case of emergencies.

Diary of Essentials

A great way to keep track of everything you need to organise before, during and after your business trip is with a diary or organiser. Keep this specifically for travel purposes. Write up a check list of items you need or tasks that need to be completed before you go, including flights, accommodation or event tickets. You can also keep track of your spending money and receipts, as you may be able to claim these expenses back later. And the great thing about this travel essential is that it can be electronic for your iPad or phone, or can be the traditional hard cover book to slip into your bag.

Bathroom Handy Pack

If you’re someone that travels frequently for work then having a ready-to-go bathroom pack is a great option. Include the basics such as toothbrush and toothpaste, razors and shampoo, as well as some extra bits such as Panadol, eye drops and hand cream – whatever you use regularly. Buy them as items less than 100ml so they can be taken on board with hand luggage, and don’t use them for anything else; keep them purely for travel purposes. Keep an eye on items that are getting low, and top them up before they run out completely, that way the pack will always be ready to pick up and go.

Next time you travel for work, try organising your luggage, and yourself, into a kit like the one above. You’ll find you are not only more organised but less stressed about your trip, leaving your mind much clearer to tackle your workload.

What are your biggest reservations when it comes to travelling for work? Discuss your answers below.

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