The Best Cruise Destinations The World Has To Offer

The world is full of spectacular landscapes, but in order to appreciate some of the best they need to be seen from the sea.

Travelling by sea is something special, from the sea air to the stunning scenery that can all be taken in from the comfort of the deck of the ship.

As the world is so vast, it is impossible to see everything in just one cruise. Even a ‘world cruise’ does not travel everywhere and it just scratches the surface in terms of what can be seen. Luckily, there are many cruises on offer that explore the different regions of the world.

 Over the decades, the cruises have settled in to exploring regions, and if you are looking for somewhere to go, take a look at these cruise deals on this website.

 Here is what is on offer:


This northern wilderness has always had an air of mysteriousness. With glaciers protruding out of mountain ranges that reflect the sunlight of the early morning and evening. If you are looking to cruise through Alaska, the best time to visit is summer (northern hemisphere) where it does not get dark, until very late. The further north you travel you can be greeted with around the clock daylight where it does not get dark at all. It is one of the most popular cruising destinations in the world, and it is easy to see why.

Travelling up the Pacific Northwest, you can take in over 76,000 kilometres of dramatic and rugged coastline, that contain four million acres of national parks. It is this landscape that supports the wealth of wildlife that, once seen, will leave you breathless.

Upon your cruise, you could take in the ice fields over Skagway, or depart the cruise liner to go bear watching. Other activities on offer include riding a genuine dog sled across the Mendenhall Glacier or explore the old forts of Sitka.

Putting aside these activities, the main reason cruisers choose an Alaskan cruise is for the scenic views, all supported by the wondrous array of wildlife that inhabits the region. Most animals are just visiting, during the northern hemisphere summer, hence why this is the most popular time to take an Alaskan cruise.

 During the northern hemisphere summer you can spot all sorts of marine life, just from the deck of your cruise liner, including whales and orcas, as well as spotting land based animals like caribou (reindeer) and birds like the bald eagle.

The scenery is something special too, you will not see more clear waters anywhere in the world. Cruise next to giant glaciers or frozen rivers that run in to the sea.

 If getting back to nature is your thing, then Alaska is the perfect destination.

 The Mediterranean

Where the Alaskan cruise lacked people the Mediterranean more than makes up for it. People, colour, culture, and built up ancient towns make the Mediterranean a must see cruise destination.

 If you are planning on taking a cruise to the Mediterranean you will not be disappointed. Its old ports and seafaring cities, together with cobbled streets, alleys and array of cafes and shops give the Mediterranean its uniqueness. These old ports and cities make for a stunning backdrop.

 During a Mediterranean cruise you are quite active, with plenty of destinations to visit. Even if you want to visit during the northern hemisphere winter, the seas will be calm and there is plenty to do to keep you warm.

However, if you do want to go in the northern hemisphere summer, then you have the chance to take in the glamorous resorts while soaking up the sun.

One of the best things about taking a Mediterranean cruise is the sheer variety of countries and destination that you can explore in one single trip. The Mediterranean is one big inland sea, which holds a number of diverse countries that neighbour one another.

 The Mediterranean is full of ancient and traditional ports, such as Venice, Monte Carlo, Istanbul and Athens. However, there are a few new ports on the block, that want to grab your attention, ports like; Tunis in Tunisia, Sarande in Albania, the Balearic Islands in Spain and Limassol in Cyprus.

With such variety in one region, you can experience a wealth of cultures and history in just one cruise.


The extremes of Asia are terrifyingly brilliant. Imagine travelling up a river and on one side you have a tropical rainforest, with monkeys swinging amongst the branches, and the other side you have a sprawling capital city with street vendors at every crossing. These are the two extremes that you are faced with in Asia. Some love it more than others, but one thing for sure is that you will not forget this experience quickly.

Asia offers something very unique, and it is what makes cruising a special way to see the world.

Cruising Asia offers activities from the cultural to leisure. You can explore the beautiful Halong Bay in Vietnam or play golf at one of Singapore’s many golf courses. If city life is more to your fancy, you can visit Hong Kong, one of the world’s busiest financial capitals.

Asia has something for everyone, so if you are looking to take a cruise which has a little bit of something, then an Asia cruise is for you. If you want to lie on its sun-kissed beaches or explore the regions tropical jungles, or learn about the many different cultures and their histories, Asia offers a truly memorable experience for all.


It is one of the new regions on the block, where traditional cruisers will head to the more traditional locations, those who want a little bit of adventure will head to Australia.

Apart from the obvious attractions in Australia, people head here to take in the wildlife. The Great Barrier Reef is unrivalled anywhere in the world for its diverse marine life.

For those seeking sanctuary, New Zealand is your port of call. Milford Sound is probably one the most beautiful places on earth, and something that should belong in a dream. Its deep, icy waters allow you to get in close enough to see the waterfalls, it is one for the bucket list.

Image credit:  Kevin Tostado via Flickr.

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