The beginners guide to maternity clothes

When you’re pregnant, people are full of advice about what to eat, when to sleep, which hospital to go to and everything in between. But no one ever tells you where to start when it comes to maternity clothes. Pro-tip: your body will change and you will get bigger but that doesn’t mean you have to wear leggings and oversized t-shirts every day! To help you on your way to being a stylish mum-to-be, here’s a beginners guide to maternity wear.

Don’t by larger versions of your regular clothing

Although it’s tempting to just ‘size up’, non-maternity clothes will end up being ill-fitting and unflattering on your beautiful pregnant frame. Maternity fashion is now just as stylish – if not more so – than regular fashion and is actually designed to provide additional comfort and support throughout your pregnancy.

Maternity sizes are the same as regular sizes

Unless you put on a lot of weight in areas other than your bust and your belly, you’ll likely be the same size in maternity wear as you are in regular clothing. For example, a size ‘medium’ in maternity wear will fit the same as a non-maternity medium, however there will be extra room around the belly and bust, plus other features that allow the clothing to grow with you.

The right underwear is important

Wearing comfortable, supportive and correctly sized underwear during your pregnancy will go a long way to making you look and feel your best. You’ll want to choose styles that will be flattering to your fuller figure but also allow for comfort and breathability. It’s suggested that you begin with three basic bras; a comfortable everyday bra, a soft sleep bra, a supportive sports bra and a sexy feel-good bra. Be aware however that wearing bras with an underwire can damage the sensitive breast tissue and milk ducts, so it’s best to avoid these.

Make use of the lifesavers

There are a number of little lifesaving garments that have been invented to make dressing your pregnant body much easier! There is specially designed shape-wear for use under form fitting outfits, there are ‘belly bands’ that go around your waist and stop your pants from falling down when they’re too big or so small that you can’t button them up anymore; and there are wrap dresses, which are a pregnant woman’s best friend!

Stay true to your personal style

You don’t have to change the way you dress just because you’ve got a little one on the way (however it’s okay if you want to). If you want to show off your bump in figure-hugging dresses, go for it! Similarly, if you’d rather wear jeans and oversized tops, that’s great too! You’re going to look beautiful no matter what you wear so you might as well dress in whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. There are so many stylish maternity options available these days; you’ll be spoiled for choice! Follow this URL to get started!

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