Relocating to Australia: Tips and Hints For Moving Your Family Abroad

Australia is heralded as the new land of hope and glory so there is little wonder why so many people are deciding to relocate there. While you may be excited about the impending move to Oz, your family may be hesitant or reluctant to leave the comfort of their home town. These feelings are perfectly normal. Relocating your family is daunting and difficult task. Of course, before anyone relocates their entire life to another country it is imperative that thorough research and planning is done in order to make the transition easier. The decision to relocate is not something that is decided overnight, nor is the decision made lightly. There are many factors that stop people from relocating; family and community ties being the biggest factor in halting relocation plans.

Naturally, children are affected by large changes and the thought of not being close to their family and friends is a cause for concern for them. However, there are a number of things you can do in order to make the transition a smooth process.

It is imperative that you consider the feelings of your family. After all, they are giving up their lives to support you in your dream. Your partner will be giving up their own job in order to allow you to achieve your ambitions. Be considerate of their feelings and try not to be critical. Ensure that you assist your partner in finding a job and a visa for a new life in Australia.

Likewise, it is critical that you prepare your children for the big move. Keep them involved in all aspects of the process as well as keeping them in the loop regarding any developments or decisions. Nobody likes to be told that they have to do something, so allow them an element of control. Involving them will make them feel as if they part of the process, rather than being forced into a move. Similarly, you can set them practical tasks in order to help them feel more involved with the move. Encourage them to pack up their own room and assist you with any chores that need doing.

It may be worthwhile introducing your children to Australian culture. The internet is the greatest tool at your disposal, utilise it. Hold a weekly family meeting and Google various aspects of Australian life that you know that they will enjoy. Moving to a strange country is daunting for children so try to teach them about the Australian way of life prior to the move. Oz may feel less alien to them by doing this. Likewise, it may be beneficial to encourage open and honest dialogue during your family meeting. Effective communication is crucial to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with relocating. It is critical that you stick together as a family. Relationship and communication, breakdowns will only add to the stress of moving.

Your new and exciting life in Australia is waiting. You have landed your dream job in a fantastic country, what more could you want?

Photo Credit: Lauri Vain

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