Postpartum Fitness

I’ve just recently started getting back into shape after the birth of Madison, and it certainly isn’t easy. Although I put a lot of effort into staying fit during the duration of the pregnancy, it’s tough to keep up with an exercise routine with a newborn baby. Pair that with a stomach that’s seriously difficult to tone after 2 kids and you’ve got a big challenge ahead.


Are You Ready?

Before you embark on any postpartum fitness goals, check in with your doctor. You should have a check-up at 6 weeks postpartum, so use the opportunity get the all clear to start working out. If you’ve had a c-section then you may have to wait a little longer than if you had a natural, uncomplicated birth, as your body will need more time to recover.


Begin Gradually

Don’t jump right into any heavy cardio or aerobic activities straight away, especially in the first few months. Give your body a chance to ease into exercising through brisk walks, swimming and stretching. You don’t want to shock your system or put too much pressure on yourself.


Yoga and Pilates

Both these forms of exercise are perfect for toning your body after having a baby. They’re also gentle and take place in classes, giving you the chance to get out and meet other moms. Start with some beginner’s classes and tell the instructor that you’ve just had a baby so they can explain any movement that may be especially helpful or unhelpful.


Fuel Your Body

Take in as much nutritious, vitamin-rich food and lean protein as you can when you embark on your post partum exercise routine. Try not to restrict calories too severely, as this will just exhaust you and make it hard to build muscle; it can also have a negative impact on your mood. It’s particularly important to eat healthily and not restrict yourself too much if you’re breastfeeding, so focus on getting healthy foods in rather than cutting foods out.

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  1. Yoga yoga yoga! Some studios offer baby friendly yoga classes for new moms, its a great place to meet other mothers, get toned and relax.

    Rachel Peters / Reply
  2. With my first baby it took around a year after he was born to get back in shape, such a nightmare! I did lots of pilates, like you suggested here, which helped tone up my core a lot- I’d definitely recommend that to other moms.

    Amy Stevens / Reply
    • Oh yeah definitely pilates, I could have done all the cardio in the world but wouldn’t have been able to get my tummy looking at least close to how it did before baby without my weekly pilates class.

      Emma Greer / (in reply to Amy Stevens) Reply

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