Make Moving Less Stressful For You And Your Kids

Moving into a new house is a stressful time, especially if you’re moving far away. The experience becomes even more difficult when you have kids, particularly if they’re old enough to have settled into a school and made friends. You obviously want to make the transition as smooth as possible for both you and your children. You might have a tough time for a bit, but with a few clever strategies you can keep the tears and tantrums at bay.

Prepare Them For The Move

Before you start looking for that piece of prime real estate, your perfect home, it’s time to talk to the kids about moving. By talking to them before you look for a new house, you can involve them in the entire moving process. If you can, take them with you to view houses and let them have a say in your new property. Make suggestions for where their room could be or where they could set up a swing outside. Keep them updated on the moving process and give them a timeline for your move. You should also have a conversation with them about why you’re moving and how things will change.

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Involve Them When It’s Moving Time

When it’s time to move, get the kids involved by having them help to pack up their things. Make moving house an adventure, and not a chore. If they’re feeling sensitive about the move, don’t push too hard for them to help. Doing so will only make them feel resentment for having to help with a move they’re not sure about. Younger children will love the responsibility of helping to move things out to the moving van and maybe getting to sit in the front for the drive.

Set Up Their Room First

As you arrive at your new house with your things, try to set up your kids’ rooms before anything else. It’s good to give them their own space right away, so they have somewhere they can get some time to themselves. They may have some big thoughts and worries that they’d like to mull over, and it’s best to have somewhere of their own to do it. You don’t have to unpack everything right away, but setting up their bed and getting out a few toys will help them settle in.

What About Making Friends?

Younger children, especially those under five, probably won’t be quite as upset at moving away from their friends. But it can be difficult for some children, whatever their age, especially if they struggle to make new friends. There’s not much you can do about them making friends at school, apart from encouraging them to talk to new people. But outside of school you can help them by meeting the neighbors, as well as encouraging them to join extra curricular activities. You can set up playdates for younger children, but be careful not to force the issue with older ones. It may take time, but they will eventually settle in at school and make new friends.

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