How to Sell Your Phone for Cash

With many people looking to upgrade their mobile phones, there are tons of old cell phones available that can be exchanged for money. If you are also one of those people asking “where do I sell my mobile in the UK for a good amount of cash?”, then there are several methods to do that.

With the immense popularity of the Internet, it has become a main source of business in twenty first century. You can also take the assistance of the Internet in order to sell your mobile phone and earn money by placing an auction of your phone on several websites. There you can choose your preferred method of payment such as PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. You can compare your phone with other related auctions in order to know the accurate pricing of your product. All you need to do is ship the phone to the buyer’s address after receiving the payment.


One such website is where you can see for how much money you can sell your phone. It is one of the best features one can find on auction websites. You first need to put the details of your phone such as its working condition, damaged report, network and IMEI number to know the exact selling price of your phone. They buy all the branded phones for cash and trade your phone for a very reasonable price. They provide very fast service as all you need to do is search for your phone and place the order after you are satisfied with the price. You can then request for a free envelope or post the phone directly to their address. After they receive your post with the phone, the amount will be transferred to your bank account.


There are many companies as well who deals with recycling of phones. You can always look for one such company with good reputation and sell your mobile to them. Many mobile companies also take used mobile phones and provide you discounted rates on new phones, which is actually a brilliant thing to consider if you are looking to upgrade your phone.


Selling your mobile phone not only provides you cash, but it will also help in reducing pollution. The materials used in phones are harmless if they are used properly, but it could be dangerous for the environment if they are thrown away. Therefore, take pride in selling your mobile phone as you are helping Mother Nature.

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