Family Fun In NYC

 Although we moved out of Manhattan before having kids, we still love driving over to the city some weekends to get our fix of the Big Apple. Don’t be intimidated by the frequent sirens and towering skyscrapers; New York City is full of great activities and adventures for families.


Central Park

One of the absolute must-see attractions in New York for families with children is Central Park. You can take the kids for a picnic on a sunny day, go ice skating in the park’s huge ice rink in the winter and visit the wonderful Central Park Zoo any time of the year. The little ones can ride on the carousel in the middle of the park, while you parents should be sure to check out Strawberry Fields, the John Lennon memorial.


Empire State Building

If your little ones aren’t too freaked out by heights, then the city’s tallest and most iconic skyscraper is a huge treat for the whole family. Ride the elevators all the way to the top and snap some pictures of the ants down below.


American Museum of Natural History

If your child is going through a dinosaur-obsession phase, don’t miss this world famous museum. Huge fossils and models of ancient animals fill the beautiful building, making for an education and entertaining day out for the whole family.


Coney Island

If you don’t mind venturing a little further afield, Coney Island is a wonderful historic attraction about an hour away from midtown by subway. Hosting over 50 different rides and amuseuments, there’s also a beach and boardwalk that’s open to explore all year round. Even if your little ones are too small for the rides, the New York Aquarium at Coney Island makes for a perfect day out. Don’t forget to pick up a famous Nathan’s hot dog while you’re there.

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  1. New York City is the best place to be at Christmas time, we always take our kids into the city to see the huge tree at Rockefeller Center and to go ice skating, they love it.

    Linda Jackson / Reply
  2. These are some of my favorite places in the city, especially the Museum of Natural History. My boys love to go there whenever we visit NYC to see the dinosaurs.

    Ruby Dacre / Reply
  3. Another wonderful place to take kids in NYC is Serendipity 3 restaurant on east 60th st for their frozen hot chocolates- they’re to die for!

    Eileen Reynolds / Reply
  4. I grew up in Long Island and we always used to head over to Coney Island to go on the rides and get hot dogs. I haven’t been there in years but would love to take my grandchildren there.

    Carol Holden / Reply

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