Edinburgh Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss!

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Scotland, then I highly recommend that you make Edinburgh your first port of call. There are so many different things you can do there, but all will give you a wonderful sense of adventure that you’d struggle to find anywhere else! Read on for the attractions you shouldn’t miss:

Swim at Glencorse in the Pentland Hills

Glencorse in the Pentland Hills is absolutely beautiful; the perfect place for a spot of outdoor swimming! Doesn’t swimming in the beautiful, open outdoors sound fantastic? You’ll feel as if you’re in another world. A bit like Leonardo Dicaprio in the Beach, except in Scotland (and hopefully you won’t go crazy).

View The Penguin Parade at Edinburgh Zoo

I love penguins. I love the way they waddle; I love their cute little faces, I even love the way they swim. They’re funny little creatures. If you feel as strongly about penguins as I do, you can go and view the penguin parade at Edinburgh zoo! At around 2.15 each day they go for a stroll, but nobody forces them to do it. They do it of their own accord, which I find fascinating! Even if you aren’t a fan of penguins, go along to see them. I bet you’ll be a fan afterwards!

Visit the Edinburgh Christmas Market

The Edinburgh Christmas market is like no Christmas market you’ve been to before. Enjoy ice skating under the stars, while eating a doughnut, and enjoying a large jug of egg nog, before heading back to your lovely apartment booked with the likes of The Edinburgh Apartment. Ok, maybe not all at once.

Relax in Sheraton’s One Spa Rooftop Pool

Sheraton’s One Spa is unique; it has a hydrotherapy rooftop pool, that you can simply float in and enjoy the stars! What a view. The mineral rich water that shoots out of the jets make this experience so relaxing. Just make sure that you go in the evening for the best view of the stars.

Enjoy Afternoon Tea in the Palm Court, At The Balmoral

You won’t want to miss afternoon tea here! Enjoy some traditional Scottish treats, with things such as chocolate scones and onion marmalade sandwiches. Delicious!

Climb Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s seat is famous in edinburgh for having one of the best views. If you love walking/hiking, climbing it will be a piece of cake for you, but there are more difficult routes you can take if you like a challenge. Don’t forget to take your camera so you can have some breathtaking photographs to remember this experience! Once you’re up there, you can even enjoy a drink or a bite to eat.

Have a Wander at Portobello Beach

Portobello beach is the perfect place to take a wander and enjoy the delights that it has to offer. Play some slots, have a game of bingo, and then enjoy some fish and chips in the open air. Nothing quite comes close to a day like this!

Have you been to Edinburgh before? Is there anything you think that visitors shouldn’t miss on their travels there? Leave us a comment!

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