Dining Room Decor Ideas

The dining room is one of the most important places in the house. It’s the place where families all sit down to enjoy some quality time together while enjoying a delicious meal, so it makes sense to ensure that it looks great. You may even want to throw dinner parties here, or better yet, serve Christmas dinner! Whatever your plans, your dining room should be impressive. If yours is a little boring lately, why not try these tips?

Lighten Up with a Pattern

Pattern in the dining room can add so much interest and fun. You can be as subtle or as brave as you like with it too. You could add a small pattern to the curtains or blinds to liven it up a bit, or you could go all out with patterns on the walls and upholstery. If you decide to go all out, make sure you’re sensible with the rest of the colours you use so the place doesn’t look so busy. Block colours are best. Feel free to make them bold, just make sure they tie in nicely with your pattern to create a pulled together look.

Use Bright Accents

Why not use bright accents to liven up the space rather than a lot of pattern? This looks great, especially if you’ve used neutrals in your decor. The contrast is very impressive! If you’ve used a lot of natural looking wood, then bright yellow accents could be just the ticket to make your dining room look miles better. You could even paint some of your old furniture yourself to make it look new. This is a cost effective way to give your dining room a makeover without spending too much money. You just need to get your hands dirty!

Go Au Naturel

Sometimes, you just need a farmhouse style dining room to give you that rustic feel while you’re eating. This calls for plenty of natural materials such as wood and slate. However, too many natural materials can make the place look overwhelming, so be sure to break them up with other textures and perhaps colours as mentioned before.

Add a Bit of Bling

There’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of bling to your dining room. You could pick a fancy vase, choose from posh dining tables, or even a new chandelier to give the feeling of luxury.

Contrast Your Materials and Accessories

Make your materials contrast by refusing to match anything. Pick a dining table, and then maybe 5 different chairs to create a playful look. You can also mix colour and pattern. This can be hard to do, so try to plan out what you’re going to do first to make sure your efforts haven’t gone to waste. You might not believe me, but leaf green walls with animal print chairs, set around a wooden dining table can look fabulous! Don’t forget that bit of bling we talked about earlier either.


Tim Goodacre

I hope you loved these dining room decor ideas. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know which tips you used!

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