Cheap and Simple Ways To Fix Up Your Home

Do you have your family coming over to your home for the holidays? If you do, you need to make sure that your house is as nice as it can be so that you impress people. There is nothing worse than letting the way your home looks embarrass you. You need to be house-proud, and show people how lovely your home is. Cleaning is never much fun. If you don’t have a big budget for fixing up your home, don’t worry. Although you should have professionals like Roofs By Rodger take care of big projects like roof repair and window replacement, there are other ways to make your home look nice. You don’t have to spend loads of money on your home for it to look amazing. Here are some simple and cheap ways to fix up your home.


Credit: Advait Supnekar

Clean your furniture linen

If your furniture looks old and grubby, it is time to do something about it. Some people think that they need to buy new furniture when things start to look a mess. That is not the case. A cheaper way to make your furniture look brand new is to clean its linen. Some furniture pieces have removable covers that you can take off and clean. If not, buy a chemical cleaning solution that you can leave on your furniture overnight. Wipe off the solution to see the clean results.

Make sure that your grouting is clean

Grouting is the sealant between your tiles. If you have a tiled floor in your kitchen or bathroom, you might notice that it looks a little dirty. Grouting should be white or pale grey. If your grouting looks black and dark, it is seriously filthy. You may be able to scrub away the dirt using a soapy water solution. If that doesn’t work, you need to call the professionals. You can get reasonable grout cleaning services by Groutsmith Dallas, for example. If you get professionals to do the job for you, at least you know it will be super clean.

Repaint your skirting boards

Another thing that will make your home look old and dirty is your skirting boards. Over time, skirting boards lose their color and end up with yellow tones. Yellow is a dirty color. When people look at your skirting, they might think that it is yellow with grime. You could waste a lot of time and energy trying to scrub your boards clean. Forget that. Instead, you need to cheat a little bit. Buy some cheap white paint from a DIY store and paint the boards so that they look good as new.

Get rid off tough stains

If you have tough stains on your carpet, it can make an entire room look a huge mess. Cleaning stains is a hard chore to have to do, but it will be worth it in the end. If the stain is new, you need to act fast. Use a damp cloth to dab at the stain. Make sure that you don’t scrub the area or you will make the stain spread. If the stain doesn’t disappear, you will need to bleach the area. You can buy special fabric bleach to do the job for you.

Dust your entire home

Most people clean their home on a regular basis, but few people bother to dust. If you have tall pieces of furniture, such as bookcases and shelves, they are likely to gather dust. Before anyone comes to your home, you should make sure that you dust it. This chore will take less than ten minutes and it will make a world of difference to how your home looks. Make sure that you buy a quality duster online and clean it regularly. There is no point using a dirty duster because it just spread dust around your home.

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