Bathrooms Essentials For Large Families

Large families have declined over the last sixty years or so. It was not uncommon for a couple to have ten or more children in the hope that some of them survived, before the 1950s. In this modern world where people expect excellent living standards, it is difficult to design a small home where a family of eight or ten people can live together.

The bathroom is a stumbling block for many families. It isn’t large enough, or there are not enough facilities for more than one person to use it at a time in many cases. If you are about to start renovating yours, here are a few bathroom essentials for large families.

The Toilet

You must take the toilet out of the bathroom and position it separately. When so many people need to wash themselves in the morning, using the toilet in the bathroom presents problems. You might need to use some space in the bedroom for the relocation.

The Bath

Most bathrooms have a single bathtub in them. If you have many children, think about how handy an extra tub would be. If you have moved the toilet, there is some extra space, and by moving the furniture around do you think it is enough? Few people have more than one tub in their bathroom; you could start a new design trend. Think about fitting bathtubs that are a little smaller than the standard size. There are plenty in the shops for small apartments and holiday homes.

The Shower

Fit a double shower if you can. While one child shampoos their hair, another one can step under the shower to rinse off. It is all about efficiency.

The Sink

Look for unique vanities that come with double sinks. The bathroom is probably a busy place in the morning and twin sinks are an essential element to keep the room functioning efficiently. There are hundreds of beautiful units from which you can choose. Some are wall mounted which makes the room feel like it has extra space, and some are floor standing with plenty of storage in them.


Use mirrors to your advantage in what is likely to be a cramped room. They fool you into thinking the room is twice the size, even though you know it isn’t. Designers still use them for that purpose, and they will continue to do so in the future.


Use LED light bulbs in your design. For task lighting, mount fittings at the side of mirrors. Make sure the main lighting is up to the job too. Sometimes you need more than one ceiling light. You should swap all of the bulbs in your home for LED alternatives, not just those in the bathroom. They last twenty times as long as ordinary bulbs  only use a fraction of the electricity.

Well guys, I hope you found this interesting. Rest assured that children grow up and flee the nest in the blink of an eye. When they do, you will have a luxurious home all to yourself. They do tend to return though, so don’t ditch the extra bath straight away.


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