Amazing Persian Interior Design Ideas Every Home Needs

Quirky and alternative interior design is a must have. After all, no one wants their home to look the same. Interior design should be fun and fabulous. What better way than to decorate your home using Persian inspired interiors? For those that like a touch of bohemian glamour in their homes, this is the perfect way to ensure that you are adding those finer touches. You can opt for a wide range of Persian interiors to make your home look positively enchanting.

Persian inspired interiors have been a mainstay in homes for years. They surpass all trends and fads. They are truly opulent and chic.

Here is how you can incorporate Persian style features into your home.

Choosing Your Colour Palette

Many people have been keen to use pastels and creams in their homes. Now is the time to leave these behind. When it comes to Persian inspired features, bold is the new black. A rich palette is what makes this style look so unique.

Typically, Persian features will include a rich colour palette of emerald greens, terracotta’s, bright reds and indigo tones. Warm shades give a feeling of opulence in your home. This can make your home look truly beautiful and will certainly stand out from the crowd.


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Antique furniture is a must for those who crave Persian touches. Of course, this can be expensive. So, if you are on a budget, it may be wise to invest in distressed pieces. These can look antique without the price tag. The key to keeping the Persian theme is to have rich dark woods. Oak looks positively enchanting in a home that has been inspired by a Persian palette.  The key to this look is to opt for timeworn. After all, the Persian Empire is deeply rooted in history. So, your furniture needs to reflect this.

Walls, Floor and Coverings

While selecting the perfect colour palette is imperative, you need to ensure that you are choosing the right features for your home. Adding the finest Persian tribal rugs will ensure that your floor is the embodiment of Persian design. You need to keep architectural elements in places too. Birds, flowers and intricate design are right at the heart of this trend.

When it comes to your flooring matters, ditch the carpet and add wooden flooring in a dark oak. You can opt for tiles too if you don’t fancy wood. Cover with a huge rug for pure decadence.

Accessorising the Persian Way

Now, your Persian themed room should be coming together a treat. It’s time to add candles, lights and ornate accessories to pull this look off with aplomb. Metal lanterns and birds cages can add a truly unique touch to your room. Stick to a well worn look and go for pewter and brass gold tones. This makes the room for special. But, it also ensures that your theme is coordinated. With such bright colours, you need to keep the tone of your accessories muted. After all, you want your home to be elegant not loud.

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