About Me

Welcome to O Momma Writes! My name is Ashley Roberts. I’m a full-time mom, wife and blogger, and this is my special place. Before you read up on all of the tips, advice and information I’ve collected in my years as a parent, here’s a little more of my story.

Prior to setting out on the big, scary adventure of motherhood, my life was very different. I worked in an exciting but often slightly stressful advertising job in Manhattan, having graduated from SUNY Albany at 22 with big ambitions for a high-flying career in the city. I loved the fast-pace of city life (the money wasn’t bad either), and spent my evenings living the 20-something version of the American Dream, drinking plenty of overpriced cocktails with my girlfriends and enjoying long, lazy brunches on the weekends. I was pretty content with this lifestyle until, after kissing a whole lot of frogs, I met the man of my dreams.

Andrew and I met through mutual friends at a holiday party in the winter of 2007. We didn’t hit it off immediately; I was in a bad mood that night after a seriously exhausting day at work and was in no mood to flirt, but when we met for a second time a few months later at another party, I realized just how great he was. From that moment we were pretty much inseparable, and had moved in together the end of the year. He worked in publishing and was just as tall, dark and handsome as I always dreamed the future Mr. Roberts would be.

In 2009 we got married in a tiny ceremony in a tiny ceremony with some close friends and our parents standing by. I’ve never been one for over the top, extravagant weddings and the day was completely perfect. It was then that we decided to make some big changes to our lives.

The biggest of the changes was a move away from the city and into (yes, you guessed it) the suburbs. Our reasons for the move were all the clichés you’d expect: we wanted to have kids and we wanted them to grow up with a big back yard and a golden retriever and all that cheesy stuff. Neither of us had that kind of childhood experience so we really wanted it for our children. So we picked up travelled the 30 miles (it seems a lot further away!) upstate to Westchester, NY.

That’s when it all got interesting! My hilarious little boy, Jackson, was born in April 2010. He’s now an energetic, rambunctious and totally adorable 3-year old with a head full of curls. His little sister Madison followed last year. Between the two of them I’m kept busier than anyone who’s not a mother of small children can imagine.

I gave up the big career ambitions, glamour and late nights of the city for some very different late nights in the suburbs, but my beautiful, crazy little family more than make it worthwhile.

On the weekends we love to go on family cycle trips, do craft projects together and occasionally, if I have the energy, I like to cook up big healthy meals for everyone.

A couple times a week my mother-in-law takes the little ones for the afternoon and I get some “me time,” which I like to spend taking my laptop to my favourite nearby coffee shop and treating myself to lunch, a huge cappuccino with plenty of chocolate sprinkles and sometimes a manicure or a massage afterward. This helps keep me sane when the dirty diapers and big tantrums start to take their toll.

This blog is a product of that Me Time, and helps to keep my creative mind at work and boredom at bay. You’ll find a big range of topics covered at O Momma Writes, because motherhood involves a whole lot of different jobs all wrapped up in one! My experiences and knowledge about parenting your little ones will be included, along with all things mom-related, from keeping yourself and our family as healthy as possible to making your home a unique and tranquil space. There’s even some travel tips that Andrew, the kids and I have picked up over the years.

Please leave lots of comments and any questions you might have. I love to chat with other moms and am always here to talk.