7 Ways to Make Your Husband’s Day

Your husband works hard, plays hard, and loves hard, and he deserves to feel like the king of the world every now and again. He’s a heck of a guy—you wouldn’t have married him if he wasn’t! Make his day with little efforts that will remind him that he’s still the man of your dreams.

  1. A Just Because Delivery

Get him a cool gift for no apparent reason, just because you love him. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, but explore some hip modern gifts like small gadgets for the office or a Banksy print. He’ll love that you’re embracing his personal style and finding him practical items that he’ll love showing off to friends and colleagues. Plus, the unexpected surprise will have him treating you like a queen in return—that is, if he doesn’t already.

  1. Make Him Feel Appreciated

Whether he’s a hardworking professional man who dons a suit every day, a guy who gets dirty on the daily working with his hands, or the best stay-at-home dad around, make sure he knows you appreciate all that he does. This can be done with a handwritten personal letter of thanks, detailing how grateful you are for everything he does for your family, or handmade cards from your little ones explaining why they love their daddy—or both. He will love DIY gifts from the kids, and treasure true words from the woman he loves.

  1. Spice Things Up

This one shouldn’t be a shocker: try and spice things up in the bedroom and reap the rewards of a happy husband. Send him a racy text detailing your plan for the evening hours and let him think about it all day long. Guaranteed it will make his day a whole lot better (although he may find the daylight hours move along much slower when he’s raring to get home). Another idea? Take some saucy boudoir shots with a professional photographer and get them framed for a “just because” gift he will never expect.

  1. Put Technology Away

Make your husband feel special with your undivided attention and put away the electronics for an evening. Turn off the television, stash your phones away (after putting them on silent) and cook a dinner fit for a king. A technology-free space will force you to spend some quality talking time that you may let fall to the wayside because of the constant ding of your phone. People got by for thousands of years without it, so the two of you can give each other one evening a week to embrace some real face-to-face connection. Even if he’s hesitant at first, explain your reasoning and watch his face light up when he realizes he’s the center of your universe for the evening.

  1. Bring Him Lunch

Dropping off a delicious lunch during his break is a sure way to make his day. If you’re unable to get away from work to bring him his favorite foods, let a delivery service do the work for you. The thought is what counts (and the delicious fare his coworkers will try to steal bites of), and you can definitely expect of call of exuberant thanks around lunch time—plus an extremely attentive husband returning home at the end of the day.

  1. Leave Little Notes

Making his day doesn’t require huge declarations of love or life-altering displays of affection—it can be as easy as a couple of strategically placed post-it notes. Hide messages in his pants pocket, his briefcase, even behind his toothbrush for him to find. Litter them with sweet messages of your love and appreciation. Guys like compliments, too, so let him know just how good he looked leaving for work this morning.

  1. Encourage his Hobbies

It’s easy to be selfish with your husband’s time—you love him after all. However, alone time is important for the both of you. Encourage his hobbies and be his biggest cheerleader, and expect that he do the same for you. If he loves to play rec soccer, make sure all of his supplies are washed, packed, and ready to go. If he’s a fantasy baseball fanatic, allow his weekly meetings with the guys to figure out his new draft. Your support will speak volumes, and he’ll reciprocate the support in kind.

Show him how much he means to you with simple gestures that will make his entire week. It shouldn’t take a special occasion for you to express your appreciation, so put in a little effort and express your love in some tangible ways. You’ll see and feel the effects in the days and weeks that follow, and your marriage will be stronger than ever.

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