5 Ways to Keep Schools and Day Care Germ-Free This Winter

For many parents who have children in school and day care, the regular colds and illness that seem to be prolific during winter create stress that affects the whole family. Regular trips to the doctor, and the long nights of looking after sick children can make life miserable, but there are ways of reducing the likelihood of children sharing their germs around. Here are 5 ways to keep schools and day care as germ free as possible this winter.

Commercial Cleaning

Having the school/day care commercially cleaned is one of the most important ways to ensure that the area is germ free, and cleaned regularly. Commercial cleaners such as AMC Sydney are trained to clean areas to a standard that may not be reached if the cleaning is left to staff members who are already overwhelmed with their other tasks. Having someone come in from outside will ensure that everything is done according to what is needed to keep the cleaning up to a high standard, and ensure that there are no areas where germs can fester.

Hand Washing

One of the most effective ways of reducing the spread of infection is through regular hand washing. Teaching children about when it is important to wash their hands, and providing them with the skills in how to wash their hands effectively can greatly reduce the spread of many types of infectious illnesses. For younger children, supervision in hand washing is an important part of providing them with the skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Hand Sanitizer

Making hand sanitizer available is another effective way of combating the spread of disease, especially if there is no soap or water available. Particular times when hand sanitizer/hand washing is useful include before preparing and eating food, after using the bathroom, after being around someone who is sick, after coughing and sneezing, and after handling pets or garbage.

Teach Children About Germs

Adequate education for children, teachers and visitors to the centre or school can create a space that is focussed towards the goal of minimising the instance of illness. Making people aware of the ways in which germs are spread, and how to prevent it will foster an ethos of personal responsibility, which can translate into all areas of the establishment, and be continued at home. Learning about germs in a fun way will help children to remember about their role in keeping the centre as germ free as possible.

Build Immunity in Children

Another way of contributing to a healthy school/day care is to build immunity in the children. Ensure that they are eating healthy foods and have adequate vitamin intake. Combining a healthy eating programme with a ‘germ-free’ focus for the school will assist with lifting the immunity of the school/centre as a whole. Introducing a healthy snacking hour for morning tea with carrots and other fresh foods is a great way of building onto the programme.

Anyone can start the ball rolling, whether it be a parent, worker or director of a school or day care. Now is the time to talk to the relevant people to begin implementing an action plan before winter hits, to ensure that there is a programme in place to reduce the spread of disease and illness before they take hold.

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