5 Ways for Busy Couples to Improve their Relationship

Being in a relationship has always been challenging – taking two separate people’s lives and combining them into one is always a lot of work and time. And with the 21st century’s whirlpool of technology, careers, social lives, and family, people are busier than ever. But don’t let that ruin your relationship, the following five tips are sure to bring your coupling back up to A game.


The main way a relationship is going to survive when both partners are busy bees is if you talk, talk and talk. Of course doing it in person every day is ideal, but it’s not always possible. Here’s where technology and the internet steps in; Skype, iMessage, emails, WhatsApp, and phone calls are just some of the ways you can be together when you’re apart. It doesn’t matter how you do it, you just have to ensure communication with your love is constant. You could also leave notes around the house or in their lunch, but be prepared for teasing if someone discovers them.


When you finally do get some quality alone time, make the most of it! Keep things interesting and always a surprise for your partner. After all, you want them to always be wondering what you’ll do next. Naughty games, role-play, and costumes are always a winner when it comes to getting crazy in bed. If you’re confused about where to start, Naughty But Nice is an excellent resource to help you out.


Next up in the relationship playbook is scheduling. If you’d never dream of skipping work, or a meeting, or a doctor’s appointment, why do you think cancelling a dinner date last minute is okay? You may think that your relationship is strong enough to survive but no one likes being inadvertently told they’re second best. When you have a date with your partner, whether it’s coffee, a movie, or a black tie dinner, write it down and commit to it! If it’s on paper, you’re going to it. Your partner deserves your time just as much as anyone else. If it helps, consider scheduling a weekly date at the same time – it will help you get into a rhythm.

Help Each Other

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re partner is busy – obviously they’re busy doing something, and you might be able to assist them with it. Apart from physically attending work with someone 9-5, you can help with pretty much anything: job hunting, working out, cooking meals, hobbies, and family issues. And the best part is that not only will you helping them give you more time together but it will make them love you more for your assistance.

Confirm the Love

Finally, despite not being to spend all your time with your significant lover it’s vital that they know how important you think they are. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to have a grand gesture every day, but make sure that they are fully aware of your feelings. Flowers, dinner, trying something they love, hanging out with their friends, and love notes are all a great place to start.

Relationships are tricky; that’s a given, especially if both of you are busy. But by following the above five hints you’re sure to see a significant improvement between you and your partner.

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