5 Unusual Methods For Getting Rid of Stretch Marks, That Really Work

Stretch marks can happen for plenty of reasons; the most common being pregnancy. However much we love our children; we don’t necessarily want those purple childbirth reminders on our skin for the rest of our lives! Stretch marks can also just happen during growth spurts or losing and gaining weight in short periods of time. However you have gained your tiger stripes, you may want to consider making them lighter and less noticeable. We’ve found five of the most unusual methods for getting rid of stretch marks (that actually work)!


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1. Vicks VapoRub

This is by far the weirdest home remedy we’ve ever heard of, but apparently it is one of the most effective. You may think that Vicks VapoRub is just used for runny noses, but actually it is apparently better at clearing up stretch marks. The combination of menthol, thick oils and other skin cooling ingredients are perfect for reducing the vibrancy of even the most stubborn of stretch marks! Many people who use this method swear by it, with some people saying that it could get rid of marks within just 3 days. You may have to get used to smelling like you’ve got a constant cold, however.

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2. Lemon Juice

They say that lemon juice is the natural bleach of skin, with people using it for centuries in order to get rid of scars, imperfections and stretch marks. By rubbing lemon juice on your skin you can reduce dark marks, and even get rid them altogether. This is perfect if you have any skin imperfections you want to get rid of, especially stretch marks. You can also use lemon juice skin wraps, which tend to be mixed with baking soda.


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3. Argan Oil

This oil is a miracle worker, as it seems to be able to do just about anything. People use it to get rid of eczema, to make their hair shinier and to get rid of stretch marks. The Argan Oil Benefits

List goes on and on, including reducing the signs of aging and as a hand cream. You can use this sparingly on your worst bits, in order to reduce that red or purple tinge. Many people say that after several weeks of using argan oil that their stretch marks have disappeared completely!


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4. Olive Oil

It seems that any kind of oil will work wonders on your stretch marks, and can also reduce the signs of aging. There’s something in the oils you find at home that works within the skin to ease the colouring of stretch marks and other skin imperfections. If you don’t have olive oil at home then you can use coconut oil, castor oil and even vegetable oil.


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5. Hairbrush

Last up on our list is a soft, medium or hard bristled hairbrush; honestly! Apparently, those who have stretch marks can ‘brush’ the skin in circular motions, and actually get rid of stretch marks completely. This can break down the scar tissue which will reduce and finally get rid of the stretch marks. Make sure that you don’t overuse this method or you could end up with sore skin!

Which of these 5 anti-stretch mark methods are you going to be trying out? Perhaps a combination of all 5? Whichever one you use, we hope that you achieve the results you’ve been hoping for

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