5 Things to Consider When Building Your New Home

So you’ve found the perfect block of land in the perfect neighbourhood. The bank has given the thumbs up for the loan. The aspect of the land is right, all you need to do now is build a house!

Without a doubt, there are many things to think about when building. You might have a house design in mind, but what about everything that goes in it? Are you going to follow the herd and go with whatever your builder recommends, or are you going to see what’s going to be best for your home?

Here are five things you should seriously consider when building your new home.

1. Windows and Doors

A window is just a window and a door is just a door, right? Wrong. A door is the threshold to your home. It’s important to think about its style, security and ease of use. There’s no point in having something fancy that any would-be criminal could open. The same applies to windows. They can make your home feel closed in, stale and boring. Don’t waste time with substandard windows and doors; chat to a doors and windows specialist, such as Stylewise Security Brisbane, for ideas on what designs will bring your dream home to life, while also keeping it safe from break-ins.

2. Landscaping

Your lawns and gardens can make your house look like a home or a poorly looked after rental. It’s worth investing in a lawn and landscaping that you’ll love. Wouldn’t your dream home include a yard that the kids will love to play in, an oasis where you can grow your own flowers or vegetables, or just enjoy the outdoors?

3. Kitchen

You could argue that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It’s often the place where the family gathers. It’s where feasts are created, stories are shared and laughs are had. Consider how you are going to live around your kitchen. Think about the bench space you might need, storage, and anything else you think is essential for your kitchen.

4. Energy Efficiency

There’s no arguing that we are more environmentally conscious than ever. Being environmentally aware in your home doesn’t mean you’ll be living in a tree though! On the contrary, there is a stack of ways your new home can be environmentally friendly and save you good money as well. You may want to consider a rainwater tank, solar electricity or hot water, and energy efficient appliances – all things that will save both you and the environment.

5. Flooring

Too often, flooring doesn’t get the appropriate consideration from home builders. It’s one of those things that you use every second while you’re in the house but rarely, if ever, really think about. Consider your flooring. Tiles or lino? What carpet will you lay? Colours? Quality? Styles? Wool or polyester? There’s no doubt that this part of your home design needs considerable thought – you use it every day!

Have you built recently? How did you find it? What advice could you give to other first time builders? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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