3 Steps for Organising a Hassle-Free Business Trip

With swanky accommodation, gourmet meals and other perks, we could be forgiven for thinking that a business trip is only about 20 percent work and 80 percent fun. Well, that’s a pretty common mistake, as business travel can often end up being as stressful and tedious as just staying home and working at the office. But, it doesn’t have to be. Here are 3 steps for organising a hassle free business trip.

1. Hire a Travel Manager

With travel being a necessary part of conducting business, there are now companies, such as Corporate Traveller, that specialise in organising business flights and accommodation for companies. Travel-planning experts can be trusted to take care of anything and everything to do with business travel. They will have formed networks with others in the travel sector all throughout the world, which means they can be relied upon to find and book airfares and accommodation at competitive prices, arrange transport and catering services, and ensure everyone’s preferences are met, taking care of anything from specific in-room requests to dietary requirements.

2. Have the Best

Bearing in mind that we’re talking about hassle-free travel above spending less (although that’s important too!) it’s a good idea to choose to have the best. Your travelling agency or manager should be signed up to a business-class membership, which will mean you’ll have access to some great perks. Joining a special airline club, for example, will mean bypassing queues, having some tickets service charges waived, a lounge to relax in with a selection of food and beverages not available for regular travellers, maybe even having you baggage delivered earlier. Or your hotel could have a VIP membership where you can enjoy discounted prices at gourmet eateries or room service, plus free wifi, movies and gym access.

3. Have Backups

There will be stacks of details you need for each trip. While everything’s digital these days, it’s still a smart idea to have hard copies of any important documents in case you’re in a situation where laptops or mobile devices can’t be used. Better yet, store everything on a cloud drive as well. There should be copies of everyone’s documents – passports, ID, flight information, bookings for hotels and transfers – anything that may be relevant. Business contacts and addresses and all other business documents for meetings should be kept handy and easily accessible. You’ll be ready for anything as long you have information in one place, with backups, and much of these could be used on future trips!

It only takes some common sense and efficiency to have a hassle-free business trip, whether you organise it yourself of have someone else do it. If you follow these tips, you should be able to feel calm and in control, no matter how hectic your schedule is. Take any shortcuts or advantages that are offered – your trip will run smoothly and you just might be able to enjoy it too! Have you had a particularly troublesome or smooth trip recently? Any tips to share? Comment with your experiences or advice below.

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