Starting Your Organic Garden

Gardening is something I’ve really gotten into since moving out of the city and having quite a lot more space to work with. I’ve also been trying to eat more healthily and stick to organic produce, so starting my own organic garden was a logical step for me! It may seem like a big task, but organic gardening can be a really fun hobby while providing your family with low-cost, healthy food.


Choose Your Plants

If you’re going to buy seedlings to grow from, head to a nearby farmers market to find plants that are free from pesticides and chemicals. You’ll also be able to hunt down plants there that are suited to your local soil.


Invest In These Veggies

Certain vegetables will yield plenty of produce without taking up too much time and space in your garden. Some of my favorites are sugarsnap peas, zucchini, old-fashioned pole beans and swiss chard. These veggies all grow easily and in large quantities, meaning us lazy gardeners don’t have to work as hard for our food. They’re also delicious.


Choose Your Seeds

Lots of plants grow the best from seeds, so use seeds for these. I’ve found cucumbers and squash are two veggies that grow well, while herbs like coriander and dill also should be bought as seeds.


Water In The Morning

Getting out in the garden is a relaxing and positive way to start your day, and watering first thing is also the best for your garden. Watering in the evening increases your chances of damage from bacteria and fungus, as the plants stay damp through the night.



Weeding is an inevitability, but regularly applying organic mulch to your garden will help reduce the rate of weeds appearing. I used to use wood chippings, but this became too much of an expense, so I use lawn clippings now and this seems to work well.

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  1. I’ve recently started growing my own veggies too and its been so good for me, really relaxing and I love being able to eat food I’ve grown myself. Great tips!

    Jessica Aiken / Reply
  2. I’ve found that picking plants that suit your soil is key to a good harvest. The farmers market idea is always good, that’s where I find my seedlings.

    Mary Luther / Reply
  3. I would love to be able to make my own vegetable garden but it just seems like a lot of work to me. Maybe once the kids are a little older!

    Amy Stevens / Reply

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