Five Interesting Facts About Dreams

We may not always remember them, but each of us dreams every single night. Although our dreams can seem bizarre and disconnected, we can learn so much and try to interpret meaning from our dreams.

There is no denying that quality sleep is vital for human health and wellbeing. When the conditions are right – quality pillows, a Chiropedic mattress that is well-suited to the individual and the ideal state of quiet and darkness – sleep is restorative and crucial for wellbeing on physical and emotional levels. When we sleep well, we also have the opportunity to learn about ourselves, our lives and the issues that most trouble us, through our dreams.

Things to know about dreams:

#1: Through dreaming, we can learn

Researchers at Harvard Medical School believe that when it dreams, the human brain helps the individual to learn and find solutions to problems. In fact, researchers have shown that dreams are pivotal to the brain processing, integrating and making sense of new information. This is particularly good news for those who are studying or attempting to learn new information; opting to head to bed earlier or enjoy a nap may be more beneficial than trying to squeeze in an extra hour of study.

In order to improve the quality of sleep and thereby the capacity of the brain to learn, noise in the bedroom should be avoided and this includes the television which can hinder the quality and the length of your dreams.

#2: You may have dozens of dreams each night

It is quite common to wake from sleep and remember just one dream, but experts believe that we can have dozens of dreams each night, without remembering them all. Apparently, throughout the night we dream every 90 minutes and each dream cycle is longer than the previous one. While a five minute dream typically occurs early in the night, the dreams you have just before you wake can be as long as 45 minutes to one hour.

Interestingly, most people will have around 100,000 dreams in their lifetime. Yes, this seems like a lot of dreams!

#3: It is possible to stay in a dream

Most of us can relate to the feeling of wanting to know more and stay in a dream we are having when we wake, especially if it is one of those sublime, perfect dreams! The great news is that, by remaining still and not moving, it is possible to stay in that state of semi-dreaming. It’s important to stay in the position that you first awoke as moving around too much disconnects you from your dream.

#4: Cheating dreams are common

Experts say that one of the most commonly reported dreams is that of a partner cheating – and those people who have had this dream may well testify to the cold sweat and haunting feelings that remain after it is over. For some people, dreams of infidelity recur but, reassuringly, they seldom are based on a real affair. Instead, dreams of cheating are more typically linked to the fear of wrong being done or being left all alone.

#5: Your mind may be telling you something via your dreams

If you experience the same nightmare repeatedly, experts suggest that it can be helpful to look for underlying messages. By concentrating on these messages, you have the opportunity to learn from and overcome particular issues. For example, dreams that relate to damage to the teeth may symbolise words. Through dreams, there is an opportunity for people who dream about having their teeth pulled or lost to focus on the ways that they communicate with others.

Dreams are fascinating and by learning more about our dreams and what our dreams may say, we have the opportunity to learn more about our subconscious, our fears and our lives. Of course, sometimes dreams provide the basis for great stories that are fascinating to recount and share with others.

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