Easy Ways to Treat Your Feet

Your feet work very hard every day to take you where you want to go, but they are often taken for granted. They have to put up with a lot from being shoved into your shoes, sweating in your socks, and pounding the ground for most of the day. The least you can do is take care of your feet. Here are some easy ways to treat your feet right.

Wash Your Feet

This is probably one of the simplest and most obvious ways to take care of your precious feet. While you are in the shower or tub, take a minute or two to wash your feet with some soap and water. If you need to, take a washcloth and get in between your toes. If you are afraid of falling while trying to balance yourself, try using a long-handled brush to do the work. Once your feet are nice and clean, dry them off completely. This whole process can lessen your risk for bacteria, fungus, odor, and athlete’s foot.

Use a Moisturizer

After you have washed and dried your feet, it is important to use some lotion to moisturize your feet. Especially during the winter, your skin can become very dry and crack. You may even need to use a moisturizer several times a day to keep your feet healthy and hydrated. Just about any lotion will work for this task.

Alternate Shoes

Although you may have a favorite pair of shoes, don’t wear them every single day. Your shoes need some time to air out. This will help them prevent infections or foot odor. You should also make sure you are changing your socks throughout the day. If your feet smell, try soaking them in some water and vinegar.

Prevent Foot Pain

If the shoes you are wearing hurt your feet, don’t wear them. Shoes that are tight can distort the shape of your toes and create painful growths such as bunions or corns. Choose shoes that leave plenty of room for your toes and are stable. Avoid high heels that are higher than two inches and alternate between shoe heights so that your Achilles tendon doesn’t shorten.

Avoid Flip-Flops

Flat shoes, such as flip-flops, do not give your feet the arch support they need to stay healthy and strong. Try to avoid wearing this type of shoe or walking barefoot to prevent developing flat feet. This can lead to many other foot problems.

Care for Special Circumstances

There are several different circumstances that can affect your feet including diabetes, aging, or pregnancy.

  • If you are pregnant, choose shoes that have good arch support, broad heels, and shock absorbency. As you progress in your pregnancy, you may need to get larger shoes if your feet become swollen.
  • With diabetes, you can develop some problems with your feet and legs. Make sure you are checking your feet daily and see a doctor if you notice any problems.
  • As you age, the balls of your feet may start to lose the cushioning fat. Take care to purchase shoes that have better shock protection.

Treating your feet right can be easy and won’t take up much of your time. Show your feet that you appreciate all that they do and avoid potential problems in the future.

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