Dealing With Diaper Rash

Diaper rash can be a real pain for you and your baby, but luckily it’s pretty easy to prevent and treat. Don’t stress if you take off your baby’s diaper and find a red, sore looking area, just get moving quickly to reduce the irritation and stop the rash from getting worse. Although Jackson rarely got rashes at all, we’ve been less lucky with Madison, and have had to read up on this common problem to learn how to treat it.


Why has your baby got diaper rash?

Sometimes it’s as simple as your baby’s skin reacting badly to the diaper, or the wipes or creams that you use at changing time. It may be worth changing the products you’re using to see if that decreases the rash.

Often, the rash is caused by wetness from the diaper itself, either from being left too long or because the skin is sensitive to wetness. Changing more frequently may help, but even babies who are changed often sometimes get diaper rash.

If your baby has thrush or a bacterial infection this may cause a rash.

Sometimes food sensitivities can cause rashes in babies and children, so if you’ve just started introducing foods then this could be a potential cause. Introduce solids one at a time so that you can tell what’s causing the problem.


What should you do?

Focus on keeping your baby dry and clean. Use wipes that are specially made for sensitive skin, and make sure they’re not fragranced. Don’t rub the skin dry but pat instead to avoid aggravating it further.

Invest in a diaper rash cream that will put a barrier between the baby’s skin and the moisture from the diaper and put it on every time you do a change.

One good trick we learned is to make sure the diaper isn’t too tight on your baby, as this can increase skin irritation and chafing.

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  1. My baby used to get awful diaper rash and it was switching wipes that did the trick for us. Turns out the fragranced stuff was too much for his sensitive skin, so switching to unfragranced sensitive wipes helped clear it.

    Brenda Franklin / Reply
  2. My daughter’s husband is British, and his family sent them a diaper rash cream called Sudocrem. That seems to work really well. I also agree that changing frequently is important, I think leaving diaper on too long is often to blame for rashes.

    Carol Holden / Reply

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