Creating Your Baby’s Nursery

Before I had children I was never really into decorating or interior design. That all changed when I got pregnant for the first time and realised I’d have to create a room for our new arrival. Far from the dread I’d expected, I found myself super excited about creating a special space for our baby. Setting up your dream nursery can be one of the most fun parts of your pregnancy.

It’s easy to get caught up in aesthetics and forget practicalities when building your baby’s nursery. You’re going to spend a lot of time sitting, pacing and feeding in this room, so make sure it’s comfortable for you. Give yourself an armchair or rocker that you can nurse comfortably in, and make sure there’s space for books, magazines and snacks to keep you both happy during those late nights awake.

Another practical aspect to remember is storage. A baby requires a huge amount of clutter, it would seem, so make sure you have organised space for everything, particularly when it comes to the changing area.

Speaking of clutter, if you’re building a nursery on a budget, consider what’s necessary and what’s excessive. Find out from people you know who’ve had babies before what they really ended up using, and make a list from that. In my experience, a changing station is particularly useful, while a huge amount of newborn clothing went unworn.

Stick-on wall decals were a really great find for our nursery; your baby won’t always be a baby, so decorating in a way that wasn’t permanent turned out to be a great call; our toddler ended up having interests that required new decorations! This also makes room changes and shake-ups a lot simpler.

Most important of all: have fun. Select your favourite color patterns and decorations and make a day of painting the room with your significant other. It’s a great way to get excited about your upcoming new arrival.

On a final note, don’t leave all the decorating to the last minute. The paint fumes aren’t really safe for baby, so it’s best to get all of this done sooner rather than late  so that the room has a chance to clear before your baby arrives!

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  1. I totally left my nursery organizing until the last minute with my first baby and it ended up being a big panic during the 3rd trimester! Serves me right for procrastinating. We also used wall decals and it was a way better idea than wallpapering or painting on decorations- makes it a lot easier to redecorate once the baby gets older.

    Amy Stevens / Reply
  2. One thing I’d add is not to expect to use your nursery all that much in the early months, especially if you’re breastfeeding. The baby usually ends up in the bed with mom and dad most nights, even if most parents don’t like to admit it.

    Karen Clark / Reply
  3. Don’t forget that rocker for the nursery! They’re invaluable when it comes to night time feedings and rocking the baby back to sleep.

    Eileen Reynolds / Reply
  4. My wife and I are currently trying to decorate the room for our baby, who’s due to be born in April. I’m having a hard time finding these stick on wall decals that everyone recommends, anyone know where they’re available in NJ?

    Jason Hardy / Reply

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