Bathroom Design Ideas To Make You Go Wow!

There are two rooms in the home that are virtually guaranteed to increase its desirability should you ever wish to sell it. I am, of course, referring to the kitchen and bathroom. They are both functional spaces, but that doesn’t mean we should compromise on the beauty of the installations.

We are going to take a close look at bathrooms today and put forward a few general design ideas that anyone can include when updating their room. Using these ideas, you will be able to create an attractive room to relax in with a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

Create A Blank Canvas

Before starting a new installation, remove all traces of the old bathroom to give you space to imagine your new room into existence. Remove the suite and all of the old tiles, boxing, and surface mounted pipes.

The Suite

Todays bathtubs are works of art, often with ornate legs and rolled tops. Most houses in this country have the bathtub situated against a wall. We usually have no option because our bathrooms are small. If you do have the space, however, position the bath so that it is accessible from both sides. Turn it into a stand-alone piece of furniture.

The toilet’s location, if you are forced to include one in your bathroom, is restricted by the sewer pipe. If the pipe goes straight through an outside wall to the downpipe outside, it is easy to place the toilet anywhere on that wall so there is a little flexibility there.

The vanity unit will ideally comprise two basins. Many arguments start over the bathroom in the morning, so it is best is two people can brush their teeth at the same time.


If you are on a strict budget, spend as much of it as you can spare on good taps and fittings. The design and quality of the chrome work are what sets the overall quality of the finished project. Modern basins appear to stand on top of the vanity units and have no facility for mounting taps. Consider mounting your plumbing and taps on the wall to keep up with the trend.


Lighting is a vital element in the room. It changes the mood from function to comfort at the flick of a switch. The latest LED fittings from Wattlite and many other shops are what makes the tiles and hardware gleam. Currently, recessed ceiling lights are in fashion, and they provide a modern and attractive solution for your lighting needs. Use LED in the shower cubicle too. Because the bulbs are low voltage, they are safe to use there in fittings with the correct IP rating.


Do not compromise on the quality of both the tiles and the workmanship when installing them. Do the job badly, and it will ruin the room as well as being very expensive to correct. The bathrooms in the best hotels use stone effect tiles on the walls and floors. They can be expensive but are worth every penny.

I hope your refit goes off without a hitch. Planning is the key to a successful project, so start with a pencil and paper and create your own haven. You deserve it.

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